VirtualHealth 247 is a complete package of virtual benefits designed to provide alternative access points to: doctors, assistance programs, counselors and support from patient healthcare advisors. The program is centered around our Telemedicine platform which provides 24 hour telephonic access to primary care physicians, who can consult, diagnose and write prescription medications, if appropriate. All doctors are U.S. based, board certified practicing physicians.

The program also provides 24 hour access to mental health counselors, who can treat any number of the common mental illnesses, including: depression, anxiety, dependency, stress, etc... All counselors have Master’s Degrees or PhDs in mental health counseling. We also provide assistance in areas such as family care giving, convenience services as well as advice from legal and financial advisors.

The patient advocacy component of VirtualHealth 247 provides members with a resource to learn more about their health care options, best places to receive medical services and assistance dealing with insurance companies or medical providers.

The wellness platform is a robust web-based program, providing members with a number of resources, including: nutrition plans, personalized exercise plans, health risk assessments and many more services.

The complete package is offered on a voluntarily (or non-voluntary) basis, with unlimited utilization for all household family members and no additional consultation or usage fees.