Virtual Proceeds is own and operated by Deborah Pretty. Deborah have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and started online marketing 5 years ago. Her main interest is to assist others in reaching their personal and business goals.

Deborah loves to share her experiences that was gained being in the beauty industry for over 25 years,  jumped aboard the Real Estate Band Wagon to become an investor, started an online SEO services, design website and most recently talks about her struggle with healthy eating.

Deborah realized online marketing is a way she could get the word out, quickly and efficiently to those that are interested.

Her latest endeavor is her weight loss journey. Deborah watch as she grew from a petite statue into carrying around repulsive dangerous-deadly belly fat.

Realizing that many others were dealing with the same issues, she decided to write a book  "Super Foods the Diet Solution" to express how she was able to lose her unwanted belly fat and maintain a slim 133 lbs. for over a year.

In a nut shell, Deborah is an entrepreneur whom writes and markets information from her personal experiences hoping to help others avoid a few of the unnecessary bumps in the road.