Virtusales - a major force in book publishing software...

Virtusales is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company working with some of the world's leading publishers including Random House, Penguin Group and Pearson.

With staff operating in locations such as New York, Ottawa, Tokyo, Dubai and plans to open an office in South east Asia, Virtusales is fulfilling its objectives of becoming a successful global software solutions provider to the publishing and media industries.

In just eight years of development, the Biblio3 and BiblioLite Publishing Systems have established Virtusales as one of the leading software suppliers to the book publishing industry and with new product developments and new customers coming on stream on a very regular basis, Virtusales has become the fastest growing of all the major publishing software vendors in the UK.

The release of our BiblioDAM Digital Asset Management system is revolutionising the publishing process, enabling publshers to modernise their methods, improve workflow, and further embrace multimedia and other modern technologies.

As a consequence, Virtusales now specialises in the following four core areas:
   * Implementing the current functionality of Biblio3 and BiblioLite to book publishers
   * Broadening Biblio3’s functionality by replacing disparate and legacy systems, keeping the system technologically advanced and programming “gaps” in functionality
   * Building supplementary systems that integrate with Biblio3 and compliment the Virtusales portfolio of systems
   * Building robust interfaces between Biblio3 and other core publishing systems within the publisher’s IT landscape and to third parties such as customers and suppliers

While the business of book publishing continues to be challenging, new technologies, publishing techniques, income streams and efficiencies will help publishers forge ahead profitably.