Virtway specializes in virtual event enterprise solutions using 3D technologies. We connect companies with their clients and employees in innovative, life-like and engaging ways while simultaneously saving money, eliminating travels costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

Virtway, formed in 1999, has developed a technology that creates 3D virtual worlds accessible from all devices: mobile phones, tablets or computer. The product, Virtway Events, is revolutionizing communication with innovative ways to connect companies with its public. Any type of event is possible, from small corporate meetings to massive career fairs, all at a reduced cost.

Be present, from a distance.

Business can organize events online in one of our many virtual scenarios. No event is too big or too small: anything is possible in Virtway Events.
▪️Small corporate meetings
▪️Webinar events with live streaming
▪️Networking events
▪️Career fairs
▪️Trade show exhibitions
▪️Product showrooms
▪️Internal activities for training or onboarding purposes
▪️Team Building activities

▪️Customized business stands
▪️Brand advertising & promotional services
▪️Personalized avatars designed by each attendee
▪️Personal profiles/business cards
▪️Integrated VoIP and 3D Audio
▪️Live chat
▪️Scalable from any device
▪️International collaboration
▪️Presentations with document sharing, powerpoints, pdfs, videos, etc
▪️Simple, clean navigation