Vision Engineering Ltd is a leading-edge manufacturer of ergonomic stereo microscopes and non-contact measuring systems. Engineers &scientists worldwide use our systems for a wide range of general magnification, inspection and measurement applications.

Patented Optical Technology

Vision Engineering holds world patents for optical techniques which remove the need for conventional binocular microscope eyepieces. These techniques are employed in Vision's Dynascope®, Expanded-Pupil and Spatial Imaging optical systems and offer users advanced ergonomics, optical clarity and reduced eyestrain leading to improved productivity and accuracy. An example of the benefit of eyepieceless optics can be illustrated in the success of Vision's Mantis stereo viewer.

Research and Development

In recent years, a substantial research and development programme has been the key to success, ensuring that new and existing products are continually developed to meet the needs of science and manufacturing. Vision Engineering continues to lead the way in optical innovation and technology with new products and technology continually under development.