Vision infinity Ltd., is the ultimate name & a pioneer in awakening consciousness about National Level Competitions, by producing highly successful & ultimate results in IIT-JEE,Olympiads, NTSE & NSTSE etc. It has given a corporate image to education in true sense.

Vision Infinity Ltd. is the First choice for quality & corporate education It is synonymous with innovation and stability.
Our organisation is a mission,
Making culture difference with passion.
Due to power of its infinite vision,
It is growing in multi-dimension.
We are proud of our organisation,
Which is redefining the term competition.

For vision Infinity Ltd., Education is a mission. Our mission is to make quality education accessible globally with ease to upgrade the knowledge machine of the universe and to ignite the passion for education in the younger generation to redefine the term success.

Our main motto is to produce a holistic programme for total solution of scientific education, awareness & development of the students and to take care of all the exclusive S & T career options available on the international scene.

The principle and value based organisation has developed its own culture, which believes in corporate hospitality, honesty & accountability towards its mission & vision. It is a culture of freedom for innovation, technological excellence, powered by intelligence & multi-dimensional approach.

The functioning of Vision Infinity is based on 'Giving right concept, providing highly competitive environment and giving continuous motivation to the students.
The right blend of innovation and content in teaching keeps away boredom at VISION INFINITY. Students are always encouraged on building the right mindset for preparing IIT-JEE examination.

VISION INFINITY continuously stimulates students to get on with the preparation as soon as they decide a career in the area of technology.
The cohesiveness in the organization made it to emerge as a Parivar, where we learn all the time from seniors and deliver the same to juniors. The students are benefited a lot because of availability of Faculty members all the time. Each and every member seems more energetic because of the tension free culture of the organization.

To honour hospitality and emphasise honest work culture with highest level credibility, a corporate look was given to the organisation on 31 March 2004 with smooth transition into Vision Infinity Ltd.

Quality Education
Our organisation is a mission
redefining the term competition