Are you Crazy?.. Starting a new Business in a recession.

North Port, FL. - Who in their right mind starts a business in the middle of a recession? Honestly it’s not what you think. Vision Quest LED owners might have stumbled onto it, but once they understood this amazing product it was a no-brainer says “Raul Quinones, CEO of Vision Quest LED”.

Vision Quest LED, LLC. is located in Southwest Florida and distributes an amazing LED Light Fixture. LED or (light emitting diodes) is manufactured in the USA and taking businesses by storm, this light is state-of-the-art and has accomplished remarkable feats in its early debut.

Imagine a light that uses 54 watts of energy and takes the place of 150 watts (can you see the savings?) This LED Light is very easy on mother earth, does not leave behind pollutants or carbon footprints. Existing HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps that are used everywhere are filled with Lead, toxic mercury and other contaminates which are becoming harder and harder to get rid of not to mention our active groups worldwide, concerned with global warming!

Why this light.. you ask? This was invented for a purpose, not by accident. The inventor from Global Tech had one thing in mind, simplicity! Every other LED manufacturer boasts they have the answer to cutting power consumption, but Global Tech actually proved it.

This light is a retrofit light, which means its sole purpose is to fit into your existing Light Fixture! This approach alone saves you hundreds, compared to the competition. The manufacturer does not want to sell you an entirely different fixture especially if there is nothing wrong with the one you own now. New LED Fixtures start around $1100 and can get up to $3200 real quick!

Now what if I told you this one light if turned on 12 hours each night will last you 22.8 years! That’s right, this LED Light will last 100,000 hours. A normal HID lamp will last 10 to 12K hours before you need to pay someone for maintenance and new lamps and ballasts. Are you starting to see why Vision Quest LED, were excited, when Global Tech asked us if we were interested in selling this product?

Naturally we said, you keep manufacturing it and we’ll tell the world! This light has a microprocessor built in to use only 50% of the power available. Also has a 100,000 hour mag-lev fan that when energized, lifts itself up off the shaft and spins effortlessly.  It can even be controlled wirelessly or with a control cable,

Vision Quest LED, LLC is a world leader in the sales and distribution of LED Lighting Products and continues to provide business’s all over the World with this invention miracle. Accepted by the Department of Energy and by passing the Lighting Facts tests, we are duly appointed partners in our mission to deliver only the best in Lighting Products. Contact us today for a free energy analysis, we’ll figure your ROI (return on investment)  info@visionquestled.com  877.863.3729 VisionQuestLED.com