Vision USA, a division of Dentrex Inc., services the Dental, Medical and Industry with high quality optical products for improved sight applications and safety.
   A Manufacturer of Magnification, Safety and Lighting Products to fit all need. Magnification Products that Clips-On Flips-Up +1.0 - +5.0 Diopters, Head Loupes1.7x - 4.0x Powers. Telescopes Loupes 2.5x - 5.0x, Monocular 3.0x-15x, Hand Stand Magnifiers  3.0x – 20.0x, Prism Specs, Safety Bifocal Glasses (clear, smoked, amber, curing orange and casting soldering green) +1.0 - +3.0 and Laser Safety Glasses.  LED Lighting Loupe or Clip On and Hand Held Systems with/without magnification.
The company also sells and services a complete line of products and equipment for the Dental Laboratory.