With more than a decade of successful business planning, The Visum Company truly exemplifies the meaning of its name... VISIONARY. Our service offering is vast and our professionalism is unparalled. We are a results-oriented company and we always achieve the goals we set for ourselves and our clients.

The Visum Company has worked with hundreds of companies from start-ups to public companies. Our campaigns range from the development of a simple business plan to complex corporate identity/business planning/corporate governance programs. We've acted as management consultants, we've perfected the art of concept development and we've set the standard by which all other business planning companies measure themselves.

"Visum"... from the Latin word for "Visionary"... and how appropriate for a successful business planning company whose very essence is based  in vision, foresight, and critical planning. Our clients don't have time to play business with consultants that don't have vision and real solutions. You need a company to embrace your vision, understand your market, stand up to challenges, come up with solutions and guarantee the results. The Visum Company... this is who we are and this is what we do.

Mike Magolnick brings more than seventeen years of successful management and executive-level experience in strategic analysis, business planning, sales & marketing, Internet, public/investor relations, human resources, and financial services to lead the team at The Visum Company.

As the former Founder and President of Venture Consulting International (formerly Venture Capital International), Mike has been involved in several extremely successful ventures since 1990 including Solutionhome/Domain Systems, Platinum Television Group, American Learning Center, IMC Group and others that span more than 20 industries.

Since 1996 Mike has been a recognized expert in the Internet industry having been interviewed and/or appearing in print in the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, American Venture Magazine, Direct Selling News, Entrepreneur Magazine, eCommerce Times, several editions of The American Business Journal and several other national publications.