Producer of the most natural material inside luxurious mattresses, toppers and pillows. Vita Talalay has a proud history of more than half century developing the best-in-class talalay latex that support consumers in reaching an healthier life.

Healthy living means a more balanced diet, regular exercises and stress avoidance. What we often tend to forget, is that a good night's sleep is equally important and even has consequences for your daily functioning. Sleep not only regenerates your body but also has an effect on your sleep resistance, physical condition and even your eating habits. The amount of sleep you get is important, but quality matters even more.

A good mattress makes the difference and Vita Talalay latex plays and essential role in this. It is the best ventilating comfort material in the world, thanks to its unique and incomparable round, open cellular structure. This structure wicks away moisture, heat and dirt. Also, the mattress is made of natural latex sap without any petrochemical materials or artificial additives. The material is soft, yet still able to offer optimum support. Natural Vita Talalay provides the most natural, healthy and unrivalled sleep experience as a result- as if you are sleeping on air.