Based in Victor, New York, Vital Media has an exceptional track record of representing private and public companies, using online media tools to increase corporate, brand and investor awareness.

Vital Media, LLC is a Multimedia Agency with exclusive expertise in Branding, Content Creation, Public Relations and Investor Relations. In addition to touting a comprehensive strategy that integrates powerful media outlets, the company offers Digital Marketing, Advertising and Distribution solutions; Radio and Endorsement Marketing; Reputation Enhancement, Social Media Management and access to world class publishers. Businesses bypass time consumption caused by orchestrating several niche-agencies, while gaining cost-efficient marketing solutions through Vital Media's suite of services.

The company has arranged strategic relationships with individuals and businesses, which allows clients to be featured on websites such as Forbes.com, WSJ.com and HuffingtonPost.com; In addition to Celebrity Endorsements and popular Online-Niche Endorsements. The team behind Vital Media is led by President & CEO Jonathan Hall. Jonathan's diverse background in marketing, business and finance has navigated Vital Media in a direction of rapid growth and has poised the company to produce additional large-scale marketing services in the future.