At Vital Systems, we question the current underlying values around money and its relation to contemporary food systems. We offer services for food and farming businesses and direct relationship driven investors to help grow food and farming enterprises, infrastructure and healthy economies. As part of our mission, we also actively engage grassroots communities to heal living systems.

We are the result of Theodosia Hamilton Ferguson’s last ten years of deduction, intuition, inquiry, and experimentation into creating resilient economies. In 2004, she launched Sustainable Venture as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to address the issue that Beneficial Owners, people with assets in trust with private banks, are often kept from knowing how their money drives global policy.

In 2013, Theo founded Vital Systems as a Flexible Purpose Corporation with twelve employee shareholders and six consultants. This organization carries forward this process of inquiry in delivering services at the intersection of direct relationship driven investing and local food and farming.