Vitamin*E is an international communications agency that specializes in building exceptional brands through public relations and social media marketing. Our team of award-winning marketing strategists and public relations professionals will help energize your brand, engage your audience and elevate your business.


Vitamin*E is an award-winning marketing communications firm. Recognized as one of the best new marketing firms, we take deep pride in our consultants' experience and strong track record creating and implementing marketing strategies that work. Our marketing offerings include markeitng strategy, branding, positioning, new product launches and marketing collaterol design.


Vitamin*E is a new media digital agency.  With strong roots in website development and user experience, we understand what drives social commerce.  We provide integrated marketing solutions that ensure your brand identiy is consistent across all new media.  We specialize in social media strategy and produce engaging Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest content while tracking down quality followers specifically interested in your brand.  Our content managemnt campaigns are the fastest and smartest way for you to connect with your target audience.


Good public relations is an essential enabler of organizational success. Our international public relations agency can support you in all aspects of public relations. At Vitamin*E, we support our clients in a variety of ways, from defining PR strategies to fine-tuning messaging structures. We are best known for securing media placements for our clients -- in print, on the radio, on TV and on myriad online outlets. We specialize in securing press coverage for a wide array of consumer product and lifestyle brands. We have a proven track record of placements in nationally-circulated publications, well-trafficked websites and highly-rated broadcast outlets.


E*Commerce is rapidly-changing with many moving parts. Yesterday's "best practice" is today's old news. Today's "nice to have" is tomorrow's "can't live without". Our consulting team is made up of former online and multichannel merchants and providers has launched and managed a vast array of eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. Every day, our consultants help businesses overcome challenges and increase profits