Vitel Wireless is a company that is allowing the everyday average person to make and save money on things that you are already doing on a daily basis. Vitel is the ONLY company that is paying YOU and YOUR BILLS. As a Vitel Rep, Vitel will pay $1275 of your household bills every month. That’s a SAVINGS of $13,500 every year. On the top of that, you can build an organization and make money sharing this information with others. There is no experience required at all.

Vitel Wireless has over 55 Years of combine experience in Retail, Wholesale & Direct Sales/Marketing. Vitel Wireless is unique opportunity that has EVERYTHING! A Simple business model anyone can do and a leadership team that knows what they are doing and really cares about the Independent Business Owners. With all of the ways to make money with Vitel, the average person would save money & create profit immediately.

Vitel Wireless associates itself with James Pearson and Scott Rogers, whose combined efforts in 2010 resulted in its successful establishment. This company comes under Retail and Wholesale business, and is categorized under Direct Sales industry. A great asset of Vitel Wireless is Co-Founder James Pearson, who has spent more than ten years in management positions, in finance and retail industry. Besides, Scott Rogers is successful with building and managing startups, for over 8 years. When one combines the two co-founders ’experience, with other important executive members’ experiences, it adds up to 55 years for this industry! One thing that stuck with me was that Scott Rogers has a long term vision for Vitel Wireless. This shows us that Scott Rogers is focusing on Vitel Wireless in the future.

Vitel has amazing membership called the "Vitel Benefits Network". When you join this awesome company you will receive discounts and savings on travel, shopping, legal, car care, wellness network, entertainment and so much more!

The Vitel Benefits Network offers discounts like:
• Free Road Side Assistance
• Legal Care Services
• 60% Off Online Shopping
• 50% Off Movie Tickets
• 24 Hour Tax Advice
• 50% Off Travel
• 30% Off Car Care
• Free Identity Theft Protection
• 60% Off Magazine Subscriptions
• 40% Off Movie Tickets
• 75% Off Local Dining Restaurants
• 20% Off Theme Parks
• 15% Off Flowers

Plus Vitel pays you up to $1275 in your household bills each and every month.
That is a SAVINGS of $15,300 per year back in your pocket. Vitel is all about helping people make and save money on products you use and you love. There's no need to switch a thing. Vitel will pay your household bill to your creditor on your behalf.
How does the marketing plan work?
When you refer 3 people to the business, Vitel will pay your cell phone each and every month up to $125. It doesn't matter what carrier or phone you have. They will pay it on your behalf.

When you refer 6 Vitel will pay your monthly membership fee
When you refer 9 Vitel will pay your cable or satellite bill up to $125 every month
When you refer 12 Vitel will pay your internet bill up to $50 every month
When you refer 15 Vitel will pay your Electric bill up to $125 every month
When you refer 25 Vitel will pay your car payment up to $750 every month or you can get the $750 cash bonus instead.

How does it work?
Once you become a Platinum Executive Member for $99. Vitel will allow you to take part in their awesome marketing plan. When you share this opportunity with others, Vitel rewards you with bonuses and residual earnings based on individuals renewing their monthly Vitel Benefits Network Membership.

How else can you earn money with Vitel?
• Personal Sales from website
• Group Sales from their website
• People paying their cell phone bill on your website
• People refilling their prepaid cell phone minutes on your website
• Selling a Dish Satellite and Home Wireless Security Package
• From Prepaid Debit Card orders, activations, reloads and swipes
• When someone orders their energy services from your website
and much more!!!

We also have other products and services like Brand new cellphones, debit cards, satellite, energy and wireless security systems.