• Founded: 1st January 2001
• Offerings: SMS, Apps, MVAS
• Current Customers: 3000+
• Cumulative Annual Growth Rate : 60%
• Team Size: 35+

VivaConnect is amongst India’s leading providers of Enterprise Mobility Solutions. We empower our customers to leverage the power of internet and mobile communications. We allow our customers to send mobile alerts using our Web interface or their own corporate applications by providing access to our Reliable, Carrier-grade & Scalable Messaging Gateway that has a capacity to route more than 10 Million SMS's per day.

VivaConnect Messaging Solutions are widely used and have proven their excellence by virtue of multiple SMSC endpoints and rock solid network architecture. With Over 100 Enterprise & 2000 SME Customers, we are emerging as a preferred platform for messaging needs spanning across industry

We extend our capabilities by offering consultancy in mobility application development and carrier grade mobile messaging infrastructure across the globe

Growth is Life, Growth is essential for any business to survive, but growth cannot be bought over the counter, Growth is always complex. But if business growth can be achieved by simple means, simple products, wouldn’t life be wonderful & businesses more fruitful. So we are here to simplify growth by providing products and services that are revolutionary & powerful but yet retaining its simplicity & effectiveness .

Our Vision is to be a market leader in offering innovative products and services that help businesses achieve "Simplified Growth".

We take our vision of "Simplified Growth" forward by creating products that will be hard to resist, something businesses could not do without . We aim to be an idea-enterprise, to build innovative mass market Products and Services and not by engaging in custom development as we believe that we would be spreading our value too thin if we built software for a single client .

We believe in product ownership. We believe in building products which can be sold to millions of potential customers. We invest in hiring the best talent and nurturing it to create value to create high-margin, growth-intensive intellectual property as opposed to low-margin, capital intensive project .

For any business to succeed, it has to grow, but growth cannot be achieved without innovation. We at Viva are passionate about innovation, we aim to be an idea enterprise to create innovative mass based products and services that exceed expectations of our customers and help them achieve a sense of fulfillment .

We feel that learning never stops, Learning and sharing knowledge is a fundamental aspect of our lives, we are constantly looking at newer technologies, newer ideas, better tools and software, newer processes and ways to improve what we do