SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (date, 2007) – VIVA Transcription®, a leading provider in medical transcription services, announced today the official release of its custom-made dial-in dictation system. VIVA’s new internet utility, designed from scratch, brings unprecedented benefits to the standard method of uploading dictations and storing medical transcription files.

In the ever-growing industry of electronic medical records, the desire for technology driven medical transcription is on the rise. The dial-in dictation system recently created by VIVA Transcription enables customers to call a toll-free number and simply record their patient records verbally, without hand-writing a word.

VIVA previously operated on a similar, turnkey system, and although it was fully-functional, Director of Operations, Joe Turner felt that VIVA could offer clients more.

"VIVA’s new dictation system is a great way to improve the loyalty of our current clients, as well as increase future sales and efficiency," said Turner. "This new system also differentiates us from our competition by allowing us to be the only medical transcription provider among our key competitors to offer this completely proprietary system, built with clients’ needs in mind," added Turner.

Using innovative design, the new system is built on a secure FTP platform integrated seamlessly with a new web-interface, offering unprecedented stability and security while also remaining extremely user friendly. The new platform boasts failsafe, mirrored server redundancies insuring the fortitude of the both the dial-in and upload interface.  

The VIVA staff also reaps the benefits of the new system. The new admin console has now freed up the VIVA Account Managers’ time, allowing them to focus less on account set-up and more on their advanced customer support. VIVA has also tripled the amount of available rotational telephone lines to insure concurrent line accessibility for clients to call in and dictate at any time of day.

Additional improvements on the old technology have enhanced the sound file uploading process.  Benefits include client/user incompatibility reduction by replacing FTP connections with a simple to use “drag and drop” web-interface to help make the uploading process more efficient and less confusing for VIVA’s clients. Clients now also have the ability to see and hear the sound files immediately after uploading or dialing them in them via the new application, and are afforded the luxury of a confirmation number that includes a date and time stamp for each dictation thus creating an accessible trail to avoid lost or misplaced files.

The new system also provides outstanding reporting capabilities allowing both clients and the VIVA Staff access to several types of reports. Clients can easily run date-specific searches on the files they have both uploaded and dictated. Additional reports are generated from the system displaying the total list of all dictations arriving into the system for specific date ranges. Daily reports of this sort are an important element in the overall checks and balances system that VIVA uses to confirm effective transcription of all dictations.