We are a premier, rapidly growing development provider of open-source software, international networks, security, and related components and solutions. We have over eight years of experience in the application design, development, and implementation services. Our design and implementation credits include complex software applications for higher education, financial institutions, large software companies, and multi-billion dollar non-profit organizations. We have worked with a variety of technical architectures on a range of hardware platforms including Sun, IBM, and fault-tolerant systems such as Stratus. We have expertise with Kuali Rice and a variety of other open-source middleware solutions including JBOSS. We work commercial and proprietary offerings including BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere. Most of our principals and managers are highly experienced and have been in the industry for over two decades.

-Building cost-effective, value-added solutions that meet the all the requirements for  each client
-Performing to the best of our technical and business ability for each of our client in each in each project
-Building long-term relationships with our customers in the way that we deliver services and including support
-Learning and understanding sufficiently the business, goals, challenges, and needs of each client in order to deliver the solutions and results it seeks

-Reduces software development costs up to 50%
-Accelerates time to market
-Maintains quality at the highest levels

-Specialization in the development of open source enterprise grade software
-Strategic teaming with our clients
-Proven IT expertise, software development, implementation services in the cloud, support services, onsite work and support, and project management methodologies
-Stellar QC & testing capabilities
-Onshore and offshore development

An effective IT strategy is vital to the success of every Enterprise, especially yours. When the economy is off kilter and budget reductions force strategic change, the IT strategy becomes even more critical.

At one time, many organizations poured funds into IT budgets because they believed more and better hardware and software meant greater organizational strength and profitability. But times and philosophies are changed. IT supports Operations and Production with fewer budgets to get the job done and yet the mission critical nature of IT work continues to increase. Increasing productivity while reducing operational costs seems at times like a contradiction of terms. After all, reduced budget can feel like having a hand tied behind the back, but this does not have to be a disadvantage.

We provide strategic technology services to our clients. Acting as consultant and trusted partner, our competencies and experience allow us access to all levels of your organization. We consult with the strategic view of executives and the design view of your development teams. We help our customers focus on their core business while planning technology investments.

Kuali Experience - VivánTech is an active member of the Kuali community, having worked on Kuali projects since 2007 and implementing many enhancements to KFS for its clients.

V-Kube Sandboxes - In support of the Kuali Community, we have developed a Kuali test server. They are complimentary to higher education institutions. V-KUBE Sandboxes are ready to use virtual machines that enable users to run KFS 4.1 and/or Kuali Coeus 3.0.1.

Workflow Automation - Moving from paper–based document flow to a complete electronic document (e–Doc) environment offers many advantages.

Kuali Training - We offer a variety of classes and training sessions specifically aimed at Kuali developers. Classes offer greater depth of training material and range in duration of three to five days.

Application Development - With Lean methodologies, our global delivery teams leverage our organizational knowledge bases and deliver excellence at a lower cost to you.

Assessment & Planning - Many organizations go through assessment cycles to transform their operations. At VivánTech we help our clients perform technology assessments and planning for the best possible outcome.

Project Management - Delivering excellence is our goal on every project. To do this in our unique engineering environment, we have developed V-PM.

Mobile Development - VivánTech is the first Kuali Commercial Affiliate to implement a Kuali Mobile App for KC and KFS and offers these apps without licensing fees to the Kuali Community.

Workday - We provide business analysis, project management and integration services for Workday implementations, with a focus on higher education.

BonitaSoft - Our tools combine graphical process modeling, work flow engines, and integrated web based data entry forms, while our turnkey package automates office paperwork faster and with less expense.