VLN is a 24/7 lifestyle television network that is the first entirely ultra high definition, fully interactive, long-form, broadcast-quality TV network available globally on every screen in every format. The network offers experiential lifestyle television series and programmes complemented by relevant opt-in interactive advertising and comprises niche channels in the realms of gastronomy, travel, home & garden, fashion & beauty, health & fitness, music & entertainment, property, finance, weddings, crowdfunding, motoring and indie films.

VIVE Lifestyle Network is a true trailblazer in its field – an original, long-form lifestyle content creator with many exciting partnerships in the pipeline – paving the way for a television revolution together with its cutting edge technology partners thereby staking its claim as the first true 4K/UHD 'Entertainment Everywhere’ lifestyle network.

VLN endeavours to be at the vanguard of live streaming premium programming via multiple special interest channels reflecting the true 24-hour television network model that has as yet been replicated by any strictly online network. In an effort to proliferate its programmes and film channels, VLN is also rolling out a collection of native apps tailored to various ubiquitous ‘connected’ platforms, including iOS, Android, OTT devices, game boxes, smart TV’s and subscription-based services, such as cable for a combined global reach in excess of 300 million screens (not including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers which is certainly a significant figure in and of itself).