Transient Technologies LLC is an innovative privately owned company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since 1998 we have been engaged in scientific researches in ground penetrating radars technologies. The utilization of modern approach and the latest techniques are essential for us in the product development. We manufacture VIY®-series GPR and related equipment.

VIY-series GPR features:

*practical & robust monoblock design;
*quick system deployment;
*18-bit receiver (ADC - the biggest digit capacity amongst GPR series);
*shielded antennas (125 MHz antenna included);
*rugged fiberglass cases;
*friendly encapsulated push-pull connectors;
*long time runs on a single battery charge;
*user-friendly, simple & reliable connection measuring wheel without any tools;
*dust-and-dirt proof measuring wheel;
*antenna connects with a laptop directly through USB cable (no Control Unit);
*supports external GPS receiver;
*extra devices (measuring wheel, GPS) connect with antenna without any extra cables between antenna and computer;
*there is automatic topographic correction;
*compact, cross-functional, folding GPR trolley;
*the data processes in a computer; errors can be corrected; the original data does not change;
*single built-in battery;
*built-in battery charges through the antenna connector;
*reliable, durable, constant and effective DSRD impulse generator.

Our aim is to gain the highest level of professionalism. We continuously improve our products to satisfy needs of the most sophisticated clients.