Due to the success VMI Inc has experienced (10yrs), we are fortunate enough to be able to give back to the communities in which we work and reside in. Our website was created as a way for us to generate more awareness for our present and future causes.

What We Do

VMI, founded in 1999, continues to expand as a premier marketing company. We have over 30 locations nationwide and we average a yearly growth rate of over 24 percent. We attribute this tremendous growth to two ideals. The first is our innovative marketing and sales strategies. The second is our underlying value of caring for the security, growth, and well being of our employees.

Our clients are looking for an edge in marketing, advertising, and sales. They must outshine their competitors in each of these categories. Our client acquisition team offers an extremely effective approach to marketing and client relationship management. In our experience, the most effective way to market one's services is through a live, personal presentation. On behalf of our clients, we personally introduce ourselves to their customers in order to establish relationships with them. The power of a live representative is unparalleled. Our approach enables us to educate the consumer about changes in the industry, sell our client's services, answer questions, and personally thank them for their business.

Who We Work With

VMI, Inc. is proud to acknowledge we  work with/donate to such charities as:

•The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
•The Marone MS 150 Bike Tour
•Autism Speaks
•Starlight Starbright
•The American Red Cross
•The Handicapped and Senior Citizens (THASC)
•Susan G. Koman Race For The Cure (Breast Cancer)
•Tuesday's Children
•American Heart Association
In an effort to expand our purpose and give back to the community, we are currently looking to sponsor local groups, charities, and non-profit organizations. We encourage these organizations to apply via our sponsorship page. VMI, Inc. will give careful and close consideration to all applicants.

Mission Statement

We are committed to promoting the growth of our clients by representing them with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our company will expand by promoting an environment of hard work, dedication, tenacity, and organization. We will develop our employees and empower them to grow professionally and personally. By maintaining our standards as a leader in our industry, we will continuously grow the size of our organization.