Imagine having a conversation, and suddenly being unable to put your finger on, or to say, the proper word. VocaBeans LLC’s new speech augmentation software, VocaBeans™, contains hundreds of pre-built words and phrases and allows users to create their own by snapping a picture with the device and recording audio to go with it.
For millions of people with autism, aphasia, laryngectomies, and other speech-limiting conditions, inability to say the right words is a daily occurrence. With VocaBeans, finding the right word is as easy as tapping a picture stored on their Apple iPhone® or iPod® Touch and letting the device speak the word or phrase for them.
Each VocaBean (vocabulary bean) combines a picture and audio to represent a word or phrase that might be difficult for the user to say and says it for them. The product is available in two versions, VocaBeans On-the-Go offers 730 commonly used words, plus the ability to build 50 custom words and a free starter version with 110 commonly used words, plus the ability to build 10 custom words.