The Napa County Bicycle Coalition, designated as a 501c(3) non-profit, is a membership-supported advocacy organization working to improve the bicycling environment and quality of life for all Napa Valley residents and tourists. Napa Bike represents all cyclists – recreational, students, families, racers and commuters and offers various membership opportunities to serve such groups.
Napa Bike, a non-profit membership-supported advocacy organization focused on improving the bicycling environment for all residents, is striving for recognition of Napa County as a Platinum Certified Bicycle Friendly Community, as measured by the League of American Bicyclists (http://www.bikeleague.org). Only three other cities in the country have reached this level – Boulder, Colorado, Davis, California and Portland, Oregon. Less traffic congestion, reduced carbon emissions, decreased dependence on oil, and a healthier population are some of the ways achieving this goal will improve life in Napa County.