VSF is one of the leading structural steel fabricators in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 1992, VSF office and works is based in Sharjah Industrial Area # 15. Since its founding, the company has achieved steady growth from a small fabrication project in Abu Dhabi, to more than 12 major projects throughout the UAE as of today.VSF has been building a strong base of successful projects and satisfied clients throughout the United Arab
Emirates. We have maintained the very highest credit ratings, giving us the financial resources and bonding capacity to supply and erect almost any kind of Structural and Non Structural Steel units.

Top-Mech Provincial, a well positioned and established company with advance technology over 100 years in manufacturing cranes and hoists. Top-Mech Provincial - A respected name in cranes and hoists that has been recognized in designing with principles of having reliable, durable, secure, easy maintenance and arduous service hoists. The construction of the Top-Mech Provincial cranes and hoists are based on the regulations of lifting devices according to the CRANE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. (CMAA). Top-Mech Provincial designs and manufactures almost all types of cranes and hoists up to 500 tonnes from simplest to the most sophisticated computerized automatic cranes, from small workshops to steel mills, shipyards, ports, pulp and paper mills and hydro-electronic power houses cranes. (Detailed Brochure attached)

With expertise in Structural Steel Fabrication, we can tackle a range of complex projects. Innovative management skills, internal CRM and project management tools enable VSF to produce projects on time and in budget. Twinned with a motivated and highly skilled workforce VSF provide new standards in fabrication.

As a company, we are committed to your satisfaction. We stand for quality, reliability and performance in cranes built to do the job.

"We strive to be the company Clients first think of when they require quality, competitive pricing and timely delivery"