VoiceActing Works in so many ways!

Verbal communication is critical in today's digital world. VoiceActing Works provides training and support for voiceover talent through their VoiceActing Academy and communication skills training for businesses of all sizes through their Corporate Communications Coaching unit.

Voiceover for advertising and business marketing are another key area where  VoiceActing Works. From voiceover performance, to creative copy writing for radio and television commercials, to full service sound design and audio/video production, VoiceActing Works when you need to get your message out.

The people behind VoiceActing Works are 11-time Emmy recipient James R. Alburger and Penny Abshire. James is a professional voice actor, audio/video producer/director and author of "The Art of Voice Acting." His book has gained a reputation for being the "bible of the voiceover industry."

Penny Abshire is an award-winning copy writer, professional voice actor and performance coach. She has gained a reputation for being an exceptional talent director for voiceover.

James and Penny are co-executive producers of the world's only truly International voiceover convention, the VoiceOver International Creative Experience.

In short, VoiceActing Works when you have a message that needs to be effectively communicated to your clients and customers.