VOICE was founded in December of 2009 by Gina Patterson and Eric Midgley. These two internationally acclaimed dance artists, each with nearly thirty years experience in the dance world, leverage their extensive contacts to assemble world-class performers and collaborators on a per-project basis. VOICE is focused on the creative work of Gina Patterson. Her award-winning choreography drives our projects. VOICE also acts as a laboratory for new concepts in movement, staging, collaboration, and arts business practices.
Since our debut performance in January of 2010 at ZACH Theater in Austin, TX., we have produced 5 performances, workshops, lectures, and residencies. The core values by which we operate carry through in every aspect of what we do. Whether it is a VOICE performance, a Gina Patterson commission, a class taught by Eric Midgley, a residency with our incredible artists, or simply a question and answer session, we operate from a place of integrity.

VOICE is in fact an acronym:

V - Vision, Values (trust, respect, honesty, appreciation) Virtuosity, Vulnerability
O - Originality, Openness, Opportunity, Obsession
I -   Inspiration, Integrity, Idealism, Inclusion
C - Community, Choreography, Contribution, Connection
E - Excellence, Embodiment, Embracing, Empowering

VOICE creates a unique experience for every performance filled with vulnerability, humor, and passion, leaving the audience and all involved feeling the experience long after the event. VOICE energizes our art and shares dance’s intimacy, power, and ability to spark conversation and change lives. We believe in the power of dance and music to uplift, inspire, provoke, draw tears, and elicit screams from our souls, expressing both infinite beauty and the rawness of life. VOICE serves as a vehicle for the creation of vibrant new dance. Fluid in thought and form, we inspire, enrich, and touch people’s lives.
VOICE is a sponsored organization under the umbrella of Ballet East Dance Company, a 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation. All donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.