Voice Proctor give the the freedom to proctor your online exams with out without the challenges associated with testing centers, web proctors or video proctoring. Voice Proctor uses voice matching to ensure that a student is not cheating. For more information click here http://www.voiceproctor.com/

With Voice Proctor, your students can take exams in the comfort of their own home without the discomfort of leaving their home, having a live web proctor watch them or dealing with technical issues such as internet speed.

Student receive randomized automated phone call during their exam, asking them to verbally explain a previously submitted answer. Their response is recorded and available to the exam grader as the exam is being graded. An original voice print that the student recorded when they signed up for Voice Proctor is available to the exam grader as well for easy comparison.

All the student needs to take an exam is a computer, a phone and an internet connection.

For only $40/year/student you can proctor ALL your online exams!