VoIP International LLC

Central Florida Telecom, COM-TEL Telecom and VIM (VoIP International Mobile) are part of the VoIP International Group of companies delivering custom Business Phone Systems Unified Communications worldwide. Several years ago, we discovered that we can deliver superior custom Hosted and Premise based PBX solutions at great savings to our customers. Utilizing the "Cloud" allows us to scale any project to fit the customers business needs. Our passion is helping local and international businesses upgrade to the best services available while reducing costs.

We are a team of passionate people who are committed to providing you with a high quality customized telephone system for your business. We continue to invest heavily in the latest VoIP technology in order to bring you an efficient and affordable unified communications telecoms system and with over 25 years of Telecoms experience, we are confident that we can show you massive savings and reduce your Telecoms expenses.

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