Nethawk is a global provider of IP telephony solutions, which bridge the two worlds of legacy PBX telephones and next generation IP PBX systems. Nethawk works in partnership with world leading telecom equipment manufacturers and suppliers with the goal of providing quality IP-PBX systems to small- to mid-sized businesses that are ready to takeadvantage of the latest advances in telephony that allowed for the development of our
economical, feature rich, and easy to use solutions.
In February 2008 Nethawk announced its support for Free and Open Source Software for the Telecommunication and Business applications, Since that time NetHawk has invested financial, technical and marketing resources to foster the growth and the use of Open Source Technologies. NetHawk Team is quite confident in saying that we are truly an Open- Source-Friendly company and we also believe that we are truly years ahead of traditional
phone companies, and there are nearly a million people who are switching from traditional
phone to Internet phone every month. More rich features, more control and extremely lower costs. Traditional phone companies will become ancient history, replaced by a more interoperable higher quality feature rich truly digital network.