The name “Cascade-Telecom” became known to company’s customers only in 2007 though the company has started to provide services in 2001 through several predecessor companies.
Being one of the founders of the VoIP industry in Armenia the company is featured in the Armenian market with branded products such as the e-service “Call.AM” (www.call.am) which is introduced in Armenia first time and gives the opportunity to our compatriots living abroad to make cheap but high quality calls to Armenia.
High appraisals received during international conferences and exhibitions as well as the multi-polar network of trusted partners evidence that the name “Cascade-Telecom” is known as a quality mark also outside of Armenia.

Thanks to major international partners the company presents to the Armenian customer the latest novelties and offers competitive services for all social groups. It should be also noted, that quality and customers’ satisfaction always were the highest priority of the company.