Voodoo is an Automated Video Communications tool used by clients including Sprint, Logitech, Avnet, Mitel, HP, Windstream, and many more. On average, client investment in Voodoo returns many times its cost. The ROI grows over time with the shelf-life of each strategic campaign.

Voodoo Viral offers turnkey online sales and marketing automation systems that leverage personalized, instant-loading video on the web. Voodoo's platform and unique philosophy of Content Creation and Content Management are proven to shorten sales cycles, help build customer retention and rapport, and help companies sell more with a lot less effort. Voodoo combines personalized email + video campaigns, customer surveys, sales funnels, comprehensive website and eCommerce integration, and much more.

Our automated referral generation system "Referral Magic" is the ultimate growth hack, leveraging dual video streams for greater control and predictability of viral campaigns.

Voodoo helps companies perfect their pre-sale and post-sale messages and their business processes. Hence our motto: "Why are you working so hard?"