This is the final chapter in the greatest story ever told, the second coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Witness the tumultuous events as the End of Days approaches, blurring the division between the living and the dead, and opening up multiple vortices in the fabric of space and time.

Come with parapsychologist Jack Urso, his wife, Ann, a Catholic priest and his assitant as they move swiftly to investigate ghostly sightings in Gettysburg, Rome, the war torn beaches of Normandy and miracles in Turin and the ancient city of Megiddo, where the armies of the Apocalypse are assembling for the final conflict. As natural disasters add to the massive fear gripping the planet, their triumphant story will stir and inspire you, leaving you with tears of joy as Christ finally appears to save the faithful.

We are currently looking for both funding and a Production Company to allow us to move out of the developement stage and into Pre-Production The Movie Vortex Of Revelation is based on the Novel and Screenplay by Ann B Keller.

It was just a little over two years ago when this Movie Project was running at fever pitch and we had over 100 actors from all accross America to play the main roles and hundreds more that were Reenactors on standby we had Casting Calls in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, The Music Soundtrack was also exploding with excitement as we had 27 Christian Recording Artists, The Philadelphia Boys Choir and Composer Chad Rehmann Of LA ready to create a musical masterpice but what we did'nt have was Funding and without money everthing comes to a stand still. nearly all those that were with us then would be ready to begin the process again if we could solve the funding problems.

Considering that their are 2 Billion Christians around the world how many of them would want to see a movie about the Second Coming of Christ? The Passion Of The Christ was a huge box office smash  and that just retold the story of  our Saviors  death! We think it's time for a movie to to captivate the world and bring great hope to many millions. and tell the Story of the second Coming of Christ! it's time, if not now when???
Their must be someone or perhaps some group out there who wants to send a huge positive message by leaving a legesy that the whole world could benefit from. Please make a difference and help this movie project.