A Constitutional Conservative running as the GOP candidate this Nov. 6th. My platform can be reviewed at my website www.voterivette.com. Unlike others, I don't just complain, I've put together real action plans based on over 30 years in business in two dozen industrial categories. My background allows me to analyze the budget details and complex variables of each issue and craft a workable real world solution that will have a positive impact on families.

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I believe we've had enough socialism experimentation and need to get back to basics.

Richard moved to North Carolina in the mid 1990s to raise a family surrounded by the forested hills he fell in love with on first visit. He is a supportive and faithful husband and father, a business consultant, an innovative entrepreneur, and a caring neighbour.
The development of his ideology is probably very similar to most Americans. He started out young and idealistic and grew more conservative with age. Mr. Rivette believes in defending everyone's rights and securing them through relying on the Constitution, not on whomever is in power at the time.

• Grew up in rural area, with a single mother during the 1960s, helping raise a younger brother.
• In school, won awards for language, art, science, and lettering in debate.
• Worked from age 13 as a janitor, dishwasher, later as a busboy and prep cook in restaurants his entire youth.
• Worked to attend college in New York, studying marketing, communications, and advertising, while living in the South Bronx helping to care for his elderly blind grandmother.

• When starting his first marketing and communications company, he had to finance equipment at 24% interest.
• Over the following 30-year period he served as a consultant over a wide range of marketing, research, planning and communications projects in two dozen industrial categories including manufacturing, financial, insurance, healthcare, environmental engineering, telecommunications, construction, real estate, travel & tourism, computer software, housewares, publishing, retail furniture, health products, appliances, apparel, food products and more.
• In the1980s, Mr. Rivette became an evangelist supporting Apple Macintosh.
• He helped a large multi-national environmental engineering firm to secure a one hundred million dollar proposal.

• His business experience includes working directly with clients in the European Union, China & Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India, Afghanistan, South Africa, West Africa, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
• His packaged materials appeared on television infomercials, and in chains, such as Kmart, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. He supported over $100 million in direct product sales worldwide and the creation of several dozen brands.
• He returned to college to study Psychology, Sociology, Constitutional and Criminal Law, and Spanish and added HTML coding, Java and JavaScript. He uses PHP coding, Perl, CGI-Bin, and adapts dynamic modules.
• He spent five years assigned by state and Federal judiciary as a licensed private investigator working anti-counterfeiting cases and wrote summaries for those who faced the death penalty.

• He worked for a multi-national corporation rewriting their proposal shell to approach Fortune 1000 accounts and was named North American Associate of the Year.
• He built national dealer networks and created trade show presence for various firms, including international export support for American manufacturers.
• Expert at writing RFP responses for large bids, he secured contracts in excess of $1.8 billion dollars.

His whole life, he quietly fundraised for many charitable organizations, including helping displaced Hurricane Andrew families.

His product analysis and development skills combined with international business background helped propel him into his most charitable and challenging efforts to date:
• On January 12, 2010, when the earthquake struck Haiti he put his business on hold for months, and helped gather a consortium of manufacturers and developers to attack the problem of homelessness in Haiti, to provide inexpensive yet durable and effective housing for the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.

Mr. Rivette knows personally what it is like to start out with nothing, work against adversity to achieve, and help others grow their ideas. Now, he would like to have a hand in providing an atmosphere conducive to job creation in North Carolina.

He has been married to the same woman for over 25 years and they have been blessed with one child, whom they homeschool. He is a homeschooling father assisting with his son’s education.