VPhase is a domestic voltage optimisation device which delivers immediate and significant money and energy savings across the whole home, without requiring any lifestyle changes.

The smart technology uses voltage optimisation to reduce the incoming voltage and manage it to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK. The result is considerable reductions in electricity costs, wasted energy and carbon emissions. It can be easily fitted by a qualified electrician and will save energy across a wide range of appliances throughout the home.

Independent tests have shown that on appliances such as fridges and freezers a VPhase unit can deliver savings of 17%, incandescent light bulbs can show savings of 15%, and even energy saving light bulbs can save 10%. Once installed it requires no maintenance either; it’s simply a matter of fit, forget and save money instantly. Typical whole-house savings are in the region of 10% per annum.

It is important to stress that this isn't a new technology. It has been around for years in commercial and industrial settings, saving big companies millions of pounds - but VPhase is the first product in the UK that is suited for domestic installations. The commercial products are often the size of refrigerators, so not exactly suited to the average family home!

VPhase is the first domestic version of this technology. We have CE accreditation so can be sold and installed throughout Europe and are in the latter stages of testing with Ofgem, Scottish & Southern Energy, Social Housing providers and a number of other organisations in the UK.