We’re the team behind the 3D buildings and urban environments that feature in some of the most jaw-dropping digital worlds out there. From commercial and industrial architecture in various sizes, single and multi family residential buildings, skyscrapers and other urban elements, we create detailed content for cityscapes for video games, movies, advertisement and any other complex 3D production.
The growing range of high-quality, ready-to-use 3D content is designed for architectural and technical consistency – and maximum efficiency. Fully optimized and with the true drag & drop experience, our 3D assets are easy to use.
Our core expertise comes from years of experience in architecture, film and gaming – and our focus. Because all we do is help others bring their urban dreams to life. If you’re looking for cutting-edge 3D urban assets to build your world, get in touch. We’re Swiss but global. Techie but clear. Well-known but humble.