Since the release of PiloTrac.com it has been a success fro the get go we are glad to report. PiloTrac is a live pilot car posting system that enables pilot car companies to post their live locations online so that oversize trucking companies are able to locate the closest vehicle that is available to the location they need service in. This new system is much more effective than anything else available online. To be able to support the system with carriers that are in need of pilot car services 10 year industry veteran WideloadShipping.com pumps all of it's truck traffic from their website into PiloTrac. This enabled the system to work properly as soon as they released this new technology since they have existing trucking companies that are visiting the website daily. This offered a huge advantage over a company starting from grass roots as it was able to direct web traffic to the site immediately after switching the links on the main site to the new system.

This new system boasts more than just live pilot car posting as well. It also offer free pilot car load posting (like a pilot car loadboard service), allows the users to create their own mini website complete with photos and even videos as well as links to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. Pilot car companies can also share information with each other when a company is not paying on time. Each user has the ability to post real time credit reports that alerts other users of potential customers that are not paying invoices on time or not at all. Basically the system is a directory but it is geo-based so you can see where each company has their home office as well as the live pilot cars that are posted.

From what we've been told by company CEO Michael Rader, up until this time the industry has operated primarily with 3 about 3 resources, The first being popular message boards like Yahoo groups, secondly by companies that offer loadboard services but are primarily dominated by pilot car brokerage company's and lastly by trucking companies that have a list of pilot car companies they usually call. Many of which are brokerage companies as what are the odds of having a pilot car of your own within 200 miles of the pick up location? Up until now the industry has operated inefficiently as pilot cars are dead headed from hundreds of miles to go escort oversize loads when a car they weren't aware of may have been within only a few minutes distance. Since it's taken this small niche industry so long to catch up technologically the results are just a hand full of companies dominate the industry by brokering the available runs rather than the actual pilot car dealing with the customer direct. These brokerage companies then make whatever percentage they can off of the shipment while the actual pilot car company does the work. "An actual estimate of how much money is made off of the pilot car industry a year by brokers would be a hard thing to provide at this moment" says Michael Rader of Pilotrac "but surely it's hundreds of thousands of dollars or these companies would not exist". "While our intention is not to shut the brokerage companies down as they are an essential part of the industry as you can't have a customer everywhere, we would like to see a higher percentage of the available runs every year going direct connecting the pilot car company with the actual trucking company".

PiloTrac opened it's doors at the end of last year around the first of December. You can see if you visit the site at: http://pilotrac.com that it is filling up pretty good. While in some areas like the mid-west there are still empty spaces there appears to be enough pilot cars listed on the site to cover the major areas where the highest density of over-dimensional shipments originate from. They are a good choice for future growth and we applause the effort in bringing new technology into a industry that seems left behind as far as internet growth is concerned.