Our experienced team and our attitude toward risk-taking make us uniquely qualified to exploit the opportunities that arise from disrupting the status quo. Our team is composed of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives, all of whom work to ensure that our clients’ ideas reach their fullest potential.

We provide venture capital assistance, helping people develop new ideas by providing comprehensive support from proof of concept to commercialization. We have the intellectual, operational, and financial resources needed to transform innovative ideas into marketable businesses.

We also provide an overarching strategic vision, identifying ideas that have the strongest potential to evolve into breakthrough businesses, pinpointing and resolving development problems, and conducting testing. Our legal and financial partners, then, ensure the innovations we help to develop are viable and profitable, thereby reducing risk and increasing the odds that our funding partners back the initiatives we support.

Our passion for transforming groundbreaking ideas into market-leading companies gives our clients a competitive advantage. Vydrogen brings new ideas, inventions, and startups to life and to market.

Your Idea

We welcome your ideas and inventions. Working together, we can transform your ideas and inventions into profitable commercial opportunities.

     What We Do
   * Develop ideas into products
   * Sell product development services to inventors
   * Offer advice on how to improve, manufacture, and sell products
   * Patent unprotected ideas
   * Provide angel funding
   * Sign non-disclosure or other agreements, as warranted

     What We Don't Do
   * Provide free advice
   * Launch new consumer products on TV
   * Return samples, prototypes, or materials sent to our office (please do not mail anything to us unless we request that you do so)

Types of Submissions

Vydrogen welcomes the following types of submissions

   * Business Plans and Elevator Pitches
   * Ideas and Inventions
   * New Consumer Products to Market

If you have a new idea or invention that you want to discuss with us, you can call us at 303-825-9999 or simply submit information about your idea or invention online for consideration. If you use our convenient online submission form, you’ll receive an email acknowledging our receipt of your submission. We promise confidentiality and a timely response (usually within 2 weeks) to all submissions and inquiries that have commercial viability.
Submit An Application @ http://www.vydrogen.com/submitideas.php