Vye Fitness, a new brand of fitness products launched today and is expected to be live on Amazon.com for purchase before Christmas. Vye Fitness is a brand of durable fitness products with a stylist, modern design that helps people to achieve their goals. The definition of ‘vying’ is to literally compete or content for something and the Vye Fitness brand is designed to empower people with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals.

The Vye Fitness brand has started with two product lines, personal fitness products including a mobility ball set and two-in-one foam roller and athletic training equipment consisting of an agility ladder. The brand expects to expand both of these product lines in the future as strong demand has already been demonstrated in the market by these products.
Vye Fitness is part of a new wave of fitness companies that are focused around ease of use, design, and functionality to give users a more efficient workout. The brand has worked for nearly two years of conducting research and development around what makes products effective, the likes and dislikes surrounding similar products on the market.

Vye Fitness wants every person to achieve their goals and compete for what is important for them. Rather than setting the goals for people like many brands do that encourage weight loss or an elitist image, setting an unrealistic standard resulting in physical and emotional insecurities, Vye Fitness is a brand that supports each user’s unique goals and whatever they are vying for.

For some, this may be greater muscle tone, for others it is increasing their ranking for a competition or event. Many customers of Vye Fitness just want to compete against nature for a healthier, happier life.