“Without direction there is NO vision. With Vyzion there IS direction.”

Vyzion Entertainment is an innovative independent record label that is on a mission:  To create a special niche in the music marketplace, by producing brilliant music that offers Vyzion’s and its artist’s own unique sound. The company is founded by Greg Bailey (Chief Executive Officer) and Stephanie Bailey (Chief Operations Officer) as a North Carolina registered LLC.  The corporation operates to initially promote primarily North Carolina and Philadelphia based bands and artists, then escalating nationally and lastly tapping into the global market. Vyzion Entertainment is purposed to produce music in multiple genres that will entertain and touch the heart of people.

Vyzion Entertainment is a Raleigh, N.C. record label and is selective in choosing its artists and bands. The company has adopted the business philosophy that for long term sustainable growth it will be more productive for the label to sign up a minimal number of bands and artists. Equal promotion will be administered for those contracted musicians with the belief that each has the potential to be similarly successful.  This approach is quite unique and attractive to the contracted bands and artists. These bands and artists recognize that Vyzion Entertainment will be working assiduously to promote them without the fear of being neglected. Neglect of the musician or artist is all too common with most other record labels. Time, effort, and impartiality will be exhibited to the bands and artists contracted to Vyzion Entertainment. The greatest niche that we offer is that we treat all parties involved with fairness. We pride ourselves in that we put the artist’s interest ahead of ours. We ask the artist what they want instead of what we want. Integrity, loyalty, honor, and respect are the four pillars that our success will be contingent on.

Vyzion Entertainment believes strongly in establishing and maintaining loyalty with its associates. The company creates win-win relationships for all parties involved and with this objective, powerful inroads will be accomplished.

Vyzion Entertainment‘s website gives the opportunity to keep track of scheduled performances, artist bios, new track and album releases, and general news. The Vyzion experience is paramount on the site. You will also have the capability to purchase songs and if that is not enough, you can download “Vyziontones” for your cell phones.

The company has one great purpose in mind; to shun limitations and inhibitions, appeal to many age groups, cultures, and backgrounds by making great music with passion. Vyzion Entertainment is here to stay!

Remember, “Without direction there is NO vision. With Vyzion there IS direction.

(Note: Vyzion is pronounced vision)