Everyone knows the employment rate is still at record highs as we inch towards the November elections. Occurring to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of August 30, 2012 (7:10:45 PM)was at 8.2% down from the month before by 0.1% with no sign of returning back to its lows anytime soon. This has many Americans scared, tired, confused, and overall in distress with the feeling that they cannot live these jobs for something better. Today’s employers understand this game factor and decided to increase the workload; while decreasing the pay per hour.

So we is winning the rat race right now, believe it or not, it is actually the employees that have the upper hand here, however, they too afraid of the outcome with addressing these matters. The employees still make up the companies that the employers run. Everyone knows the saying; A Company is only as good as their employees. This is still true today, however, with the news and media coverage, it is hard to find something help to change jobs, careers, or even return to school. Also another concerning indirect relations to the high unemployment rate it the lack if couples starting families.

Along with this growing stress, the lack of enough capital monthly has families and even people seeking post retirement work. Most of the time this work is fortunetelling be deadly to one's health and life. As the cost of living goes up and the Pay-per-hour goes down, Americans will never find the answers.

Ok I bored you enough right, I mean you did not come here to read all thought but you did, so meaning you really must hate you job. However, hate is such a strong word, nevertheless, there are many people today that HATE their job.

Here are just a few reasons I have seen through the years:
1.Boredom..... It easy to believe this one, but it is ranking way in the top five because, most people feel they are in a job that is going nowhere. They are wasting their time.
2.Having to do other people’s work..... Everyone had once in their lifetime, even in school where someone did not pull their own weight.
3.Prolonged / unexpected overtime at work, leaving a very little room for personal time.
4. Job insecurity. You might easily lose your job next year. I should make this number one, however, its fits here righteously. Have you asked yourself what you would do if tomorrow you went to work and there was no work. This happen too many different groups of people during the waves of company lockouts. For you that do not know what that is, a lockout is a temporary work stoppage or denial of employment during a labor dispute initiated by the management of a company.
5. Low pay. Pay doesn’t match with the huge amount of work done..... Are you making what your feel your worth?
I know I said five, but I am given you a bonus one also.
6.The job location is far from your home, so you spend long frustrating hours commuting.

OK, Ok, I know this just keeps going on but you know understand why 89% of Americans hate their jobs. Sadly, 88% of them will keep going back to their jobs day after day, hoping for a change, yet now taking the steps needed.

I make it simple for you, I show you the proven steps, not only I have taken them, but Thousands of Americans have taken these steps to reclaiming their lives and the breaking out the rat race.  
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2.     Get more time, ok I know we all have 24 hours a day, unless you found a way to travel in time. If so let me know and I gladly travel back when I was a kid and teach myself what I know now then.  It is how you use each minute of your 24 hours.
3.     Teaching our youth the value of being wealthy, this is very important even for seniors that are retired.  It is never too late, only downfall is no Action…
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