WakingUgly is the hot-pop, chilled-rock concoction created by Melbourne underground songwriters Lydia Gardner and Darren Pace.

They first noted a common desire to someday save the world from non-melodic, boring songs in 2004, so made a pact to spend the following years appearing to lead a normal life, whilst covertly perfecting the recipe for the most intoxicating and addictive songs on the market.

Over several years, WakingUgly have expertly moulded their own unique sound with numerous other flavours, resulting in an irresistible record that oozes memorable tracks to dance, cry, drive and most importantly, sing along to.

On November 18, 2010, WakingUgly released their debut EP, “Say Something Sweet”, a sampler of five of their yummiest tracks, and they celebrated by throwing an EP launch party at Eurotrash Bar in Melbourne, where they performed all the tracks in a stunning live show that left fans eagerly awaiting the next big event on the WakingUgly calendar.

Already turning industry heads in Australia and overseas, WakingUgly are more and more considered a force to be reckoned with in the global pop scene in the few short months since their first recorded release.

American reviewer Wildy Haskell states that ‘Say Something Sweet’ is an “EP full of some of the tastiest pop music to emerge from down under in a generation”. (Wildy’s World, 27/08/10)
Local writer Briony Jones said of the debut, “Say Something Sweet is pop as it hasn’t been done in a long time and it ultimately puts any mainstream version of the genre to shame – finally there is a band that can do the genre justice.” (Beat Magazine, 08/12/10)

WakingUgly have a second EP release planned for 2011, as well as their music video release for ‘You Know You Wanna’, as well as plans for many local metro and regional gigs.

For updates, head to http://www.wakingugly.com