Our company will always focus on customer satisfaction and personalized attention to our customers. Walk Away is striving to be a leading brand of high quality, affordable to medium–priced apparel for men and women (Coming Soon Ladies!).

Walk Away markets a selection of our own affordable brand name apparel. We are working to also include denims, casual bottoms, shorts, tops, sportswear, outerwear, accessories and footwear.

Walk Away Clothing will always be looking for a way to give back, not only to the community as a whole but to our younger generation, our kids. We will create paths and opportunities for our children to have a better education through any means necessary. We will try to build partnerships with various charitable organizations, to include Red Cross, VA and Wounded Warriors, Breast Cancer, TCISD Foundation for the Future; as well as others. We believe by donating money, school supplies, as well as clothes to the kids who need it, that it will help build their self-confidence.  Hopefully, helping them get on the right educational track and setting them up for success.