B&H Wall Decals are the best way to transform your wall into works of art!

Our Wall Decals & Wall Stickers are the best quality, affordable and removable! Plus we now have peel and stick chalkboard wall decals in different shapes and sizes.

We can also create custom wall decals!
Why purchase wall decals from B&H Wall Decals?

All of our wall decal can be customized and made in to any color of your choice.

B&H Wall decals can be used inside or outside, on smooth or rough walls ane you can remove our wall decals at any time! with out the ugly sticky glue left on your wall like most other wall decals. Plus you can even put them on your car if you want! they will not damage your paint in any way.

If you need help on how to put your new wall decal up they all  come with instructions and an application squeegee. If you still need help just give us a call our representatives are available via phone and/or email to help you with any questions you might have on custom wall decals or installing your wall decal.