Dr Douglas F Cancel, D.C. of Performance Sports Care, a Walnut Creek chiropractor offers the following services to athletes.

•     Neck pain/stiffness
•     Headaches of muscular/mechanical origin
•     Shoulder pain: rotator cuff or other functional problems involving muscles/tendons
•     Tennis/Golfers Elbow
•     Back pain
•     Hip flexor tendonitis, bursitis, and/or myofascitis
•     Groin injuries
•     Hamstring and quadricep injuries
•     Knee pain: patellofemoral pain/stress syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome
•     Shin splints
•     Achilles tendonitis
•     Other overuse injuries arising from exercise or sports can be treated at Walnut Creek Chiropractor
•     Plantar fasciitis

Dr. Cancel graduated from the famed Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1982. He’s been licensed and treating patients in California since 1983. With over thousands of patients seen, his mission remains simple: to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

If you have developed pain or injury while exercising, at the gym, at play, or at sports it is very likely that he can determine what is wrong and how to make you better.

Our mission is simple: to resolve problems as quickly as possible.