Walther Electric, Corporation manufactures IEC 60309 plugs and receptacles, mechanical interlocks and safety devices, heavy duty rectangular connectors, UL Listed standard "off the shelf" and custom portable Power distribution systems, and UL power cable assemblies and harnesses. Walther provides product solutions to multiple markets segments and industries including OEM's, food and beverage processing, and marine and shipbuilding, Broadcasting, entertainment/concerts, and sporting events.

Walther Electric's innovative and technical product portfolio includes IEC 60309 pin and sleeve interconnect devices, Procon heavy duty rectangular connectors, power distribution units, and systems, motor disconnect and switched safety devices, "e-Mobility" electric vehicle charging interconnect devices and charging stations.

At our North American Headquarters located in Somerset, New Jersey we are proud of our engineering and technical team coupled with a talented inside support staff that is always ready to assist you "our customer" in the design/specification process and in the manufacturing of "your" power distribution or control system requirements.

Established in 1897 - and from the very beginning, Walther has been known for its progressive engineering and innovative product designs and manufacturing capabilities. All Walther products are designed and manufactured to not only meet but to exceed industry requirements for greater safety and customer performance demand.

When you are in need of quality electrical interconnects, power distribution systems, and industry knowledgeable service, call Walther Electric, "we are" your complete solution provider.