The West Asia – North Africa Forum is a regional think tank that facilitates dialogue and builds networks, with a view to forging practical and evidence-based solutions for key development challenges in economic, environmental and social spheres. WANA operates through four pillars: A multi-stakeholder dialogue platform; targeted research towards the development of a regional knowledge base; problem mapping and response strategizing, and the development of inter-regional knowledge networks. Through these processes, WANA plays a unique and strategic role by stimulating inter-disciplinary dialogue and promoting ‘home-grown’ solutions to regional challenges. Rather than a single event, WANA is a process that provides opportunities for partnership, advocacy, capacity building and policy development. The broader goal is to identify and assist in the implementation of an incremental approach towards building a human dignity-focused regional architecture based on cooperative governance, social responsibility and a supranational policy infrastructure that can meet the needs of today and the aspirations of future generations.