Johnny & Jessica Sherfel, along with their three children (17, 4, and 2 respectively) have taken a big leap! They have decided sell, donate, or dispose of a majority of their belongings, convert an old Greyhound bus, purchased from a student group at TN Tech University, into an all organic tiny house on wheels and move their entire life around the world, one city at a time. Using ONLY natural materials. this family has given the old Eagle Model 15 a brand new lease on life in a way that is both healthy for their family and the planet in general.

Handmade wood dash and interior finishing along with the latest in smart and LED technology help make this former commercial bus a place that is both warm and inviting as well as completely functional in today’s high tech world. Reclaimed wood countertops covered in EcoPoxy add to the modern look.  Throw in a complete solar system that is slated to be installed, innovative storage solutions, plumbing pipe you can actually eat, water filtration that produces cleaner than bottled water,  and organic finishes and you end up with a bus is just about as sustainable as you can get!

Some would look at this family and wonder why they made this nomadic lifestyle choice. Johnny had a good job, they lived in a good neighborhood, with a big house, a yard for the kids, the whole “American Dream” thing if you will.  If you ask them, though, it’s was never a choice.

“After many years bouncing between the corporate world as a marketing director and the entertainment industry as radio air-talent and digital assets director, I sat down and realized I wanted more; for me, my wife and my kids.  Research was done, lots of it, and after weighing out all the pros and cons, it was decided. We would move into a bus and it would be as organic as we could make it!” says Johnny.

With some big eco-conscious companies on board, like EcoPoxy, Aquatherm, AFM Safecoat, The Futon Shop and others to help them on their way. This organic dream home on wheels will be touring the country showing the benefits of the organic and nomadic lifestyles and appearing at trade shows, events, and festivals throughout North and South America.