Our wands are made through a proprietary mixture of certain alloys that are then infused with a formula of naturally occurring minerals, thus creating a structural network of atoms and molecules specifically designed to harness Zero Point Field Energy. This process utilizes specially designed heat fusion ovens to fully “bake” the wands into the proper configuration. Our mineral formula, along with the heat fusion techniques, produces a conversion of latent inherent energy into a channel for Zero Point Field Energy (similar to how a magnet can be created from iron to channel magnetic energy). Zero Point Energy is a scientifically proven concept that we believe forms the basis for the belief in what is referred to colloquially as the “Universal Life Force.” Our Zero Point Energy Wand produces a long-lasting, natural energy wave that is transferable to the body, liquids, food and the surrounding environment promoting wellness.

The Zero Point Energy Wand is a natural energy-channeling device. By channeling the Zero Point Field Energy through the wand, it molecularly enhances and restores the organic energy of anything it comes into contact with—restoring harmony, homeostasis (balance of the body’s inner environment) and alignment. The wand itself does not grant health. The wand is simply a device that awakens the body to its own innate self-healing capacity, improving homeostasis and wholeness. This doesn’t mean that rotten food will be made whole, or the aging process will be reversed. What it does mean is that foods that are genetically manipulated will taste better and cause less harm. It means that your body will be more in tune with zero point energy, which can give you more vitality, help your body with healing itself, relieve pain, and bring you a better quality of life!

Our incredible wand may assist in alleviating pain, stress and other health challenges, as well as improve your health, wellness, fitness and more! Through channeling Zero Point energy, the wand may help improve sleep when placed under the pillow or on the nightstand. When carried in your pocket or worn on the body, the wand can help improve the positive flow of zero point energy throughout the body, providing invigoration, bringing the body back into homeostasis (or balance), supporting your immune system in healing and decreasing or even negating the effects of stress. Use it to shield yourself and your children from the harmful Electromagnetic waves that are constantly bombarding our bodies today from many sources, including cell phones, computers, electronic and electrical equipment such as IPods, Video games, TVs and more. You can even use it during fitness training and while exercising to help mitigate soreness and promote wellness. Keeping up with fitness is hard enough as it is: Why not make it that much easier by utilizing Zero Point Energy?
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