For reference only:
Size     De32-800(mm)
Strength     1.0(MPa)
Thickness     4-35(mm)
Customized     Yes
Material     Plastic/PP

PP Tee:
Tee is a kind of pipe fittings, using in main line and branch pipe joint.Also called tee pipe, which are widely used in conveying liquid gas pipeline system.Because of transmission medium, three links according to the material can be divided into: cast iron, cast steel, plastic, glass, etc.Plastic pipe fittings, because of its unique performance advantages, in the market proportion is more and more big.Plastic pipe fitting, polypropylene stable performance, affordable, cost-effective, and constantly improve the production process, to enhance performance, accepted by more and more customers, are widely used in various fields.

The classification of PP Tee:
1.According to the pipe diameter is divided into: with diameter tee, reducing tee;
2.According to the manifold forms can be divided into: equal tee, oblique tee;
3.According to the mode of connection can be divided into: butt welding tee, socket tee, hot melt socket tee.

The making craft of PP Tee:
1. Injection molding: raw materials filling, pressure maintaining and cooling, demoulding four phases, such as shape of pipe fittings.

2. Molding: also called pressure molding, this method is to put raw material in the mould, with the aid of pressure and heat, melt materials full of cavity, the formation and cavity of the same products.After heat curing, demoulding after cooling, mold made of pipe fittings.

3. Moulding of pipe fittings, high dimensional accuracy, good repeatability, smooth surface, the bearing capacity is big, high production efficiency, convenient for mass production.Injection molding of pipe fittings, bearing capacity is small, have combined with waves.

4. Welding forming: for some wall thickness, volume and weight are larger tee, or the customer have special requirements of tee pipe fittings can adopt the method of welding manufacturing.

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