Four years ago, two solo artists from opposite sides of the world met at a Love Festival. Michael Trotter, Jr. had just returned home after serving in the Iraq war and Tanya Blount was performing on various stages around the world. They fell in love and combined their talents to form The War and Treaty. The duo have been performing on stage and writing beautiful music together ever since.

They are currently increasing fans on the social media airwaves with the soulful pop-folk songs from their much anticipated debut album, The War and Treaty: Live at Blue House Studios. Their music is intimate, innovative and exciting. The War and Treaty is gaining momentum and their success has led to a national 20 city tour in United States ending this year in Zurich, Switzerland.

The War and Treaty is ready to take listeners on a soulful journey with a sound that transcends musical boundaries, yet is pure Americana. For upcoming tour dates and CD release information, visit http://www.thewarandtreaty.com and follow them on http://facebook.com/ TheWarandTreaty and Twitter: @warandtreaty.