Dr. Eric Wargotz  is a proven Conservative, and  is a Constitutionally based Republican.  He stand for Low Taxes (he has lowered the property tax rate twice while in office - once to the Constant yield rate); Adherence to the Constitution; Less Government (Has shrunk the size of government) ; Law & Order; Government Transparency & Accountability (He has increased government transparency at the local level); Second Amendment rights (He ardently support second amendment rights just as he support all the Bill of Rights. Life member NRA); Cultural Diversity with No Bias (so-called "colorblindness); Strong Military with Protection of our National Security: we must not appease terrorists. No civilian trials for terrorists. Illegal immigrants must not be rewarded for breaking the law (He has a strong record on the local level of tough stance on illegals): No benefits, No amnesty. Traditional American Values - including Personal Responsibility, Love of Our Country. Energy independence  (He has a strong record on working to institute measures to reduce tax-payer burden because of increasing energy costs - working towards greater energy efficiency and polllution reduction.) Energy independence is paramount as the lack of it is a threat to or National Security, our way of life, our peace and prosperity. As Social Conservatives, we must respect God and preserve Life.  He is a physician by profession and an independent-minded Conservative Republican.